Friday, May 9, 2008

We're Having a Baby Tomorrow

Hello Everyone! First time blogger here. So, I thought that having a baby presented a good time to try and figure out what this blogging was all about, and since blogs are "all the rage" with all of my friends with children, I figured, why not see what its all about? I can promise you that I will not be one of those dedicated people who blogs every night to update you with the latest size, color, and frequency of my child's bowel movements, but I do like the idea that I can put up a post and share with you some highlighted details with our first child. Especially in the first few days.

So- here's the deal. My husband Doug and I are expecting our very first child tomorrow. I am actually sitting in a hospital bed, hooked up to my iv port, anxiously awaiting our induction tomorrow morning. We do not know if we are having a girl or a boy, and are pretty pleased with ourselves for holding out for 40 weeks to not find this out.... although- I admit- there was a moment at our ultrasound last week where I wanted to break down and find out- boy or girl- but I didn't. So kudos to me.

What else should I put in this let's see.... We're not the first of our friends to have children, so we are lucky to have a lot of support from those who have already "been there done that". Our good friends Chris and Melissa have a beautiful little girl, Amelia, who will be 2 in August. I also think they are starting to get the itch pretty bad for their second, but I'm not saying anything.... Our friends, Kane and Leslie, have two beautiful little girls, Abby and Reese, and we have a handful of friends who are currently pregnant and trying to get pregnant right now (well, not trying right now at this very moment, well, maybe they are, who knows) so we are looking forward to sharing the "joys" of parentdom with our friends.

What else..... thoughts........... I'm anxious. I wasn't anxious until about 12:00 this afternoon when I realized that I was seriously checking into the hospital today to have my child tomorrow. Nervous about what kind of parent I will be, will I ever sleep again, will I see my toes again? What if my child doesn't even like me? Excited. Excited that I will be a parent tomorrow, with my wonderful husband. Nervous that he might pass out in the delivery room. Wondering- what kind of temperament will my child have? What in the heck have I gotten myself into?...

Anyways... its time to sign off of this blog- dinner is here, and its 9:30- can't eat after 12:00 tonight, so, I have only a few hours left to stuff myself as much as I can before they give me some Ambien and put me to sleep for the evening. Last night as an expectant Mom. Last good night's sleep until God knows when. Thanking God for all of the support and love from our friends and family, and keeping my fingers crossed that all will go well tomorrow. Good night!!!!

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