Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Note from Addison

Today I am 6 months old. My Mom guesses I'm around 16 pounds, but we won't know for sure until my doctor's appointment later this week. Every day I have some good belly time, but I am totally not interested in scooting, or crawling. I prefer standing. I can now sit up all by myself! I can't get there by myself- although I am desperately trying to do this. Soon. My Mom and Dad do lots of dumb things everyday to get me to laugh, including jumping up and down, funny faces, funny sounds, and spinning around in circles. I really think they're just idiots.
I don't have any teeth yet, but Mom says I will get some soon. I have started eating some real food, and my favorites are definitely green beans and sweet potatos. Almost every night I eat an entire jar of this stuff! So yummy.
I went trick or treating for my first Halloween with my friend Ellie... she was a mouse, and I was a monkey.
I love laughing at my puppy Bayla. She's very funny. She licks me a lot!

And my new favorite thing is to give kisses. They are very very wet and sloppy but Mommy still loves them.... poor Daddy won't get any kisses from me until he shaves his beard....

I hope to see some of you readers soon!


Laura said...

Addison is adorable! Love the monkey costume!

Christie said...

Look how much she is growing!