Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beach Excursion

65 degrees when I left the house this morning to head out to Isle of Palms to meet a friend and her lil girl at the beach. Pulled up at the beach, car thermometer read 60 degrees, the wind was blowing ridiculously hard, and it was freezing! Decided to forego the excursion to head to the Palmetto County Park.... (10 minutes away, and 67 degrees instead of 60 with NO wind)
Pulled in, right behind my fabulous friend who even paid our way, but while she was paying the lady at the booth, we turned around and saw the HUGE sign reading "Playground Renovations- December 2008 - April 2009"... it was totally closed. Ended up playing in the sand near the observation tower... there were 2 slides there... had a ball anyways. Both girls were asleep before we got back on the roads. What a beautiful day.

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Jen and Ricky said...

Aww that stinks! Cute pictures though.