Friday, August 28, 2009

Birthday Parties.... new friends.... puppies... oh my!

Yes, I know.. two posts in one day.. its a record..... but now is the time to fill in the blanks..... Everyday, Addison, Bayla and Samson play...... this is Addison's new favorite thing right now. She has always loved Bayla more than Sambo, but tolerates both dogs very well. In this pic.. Bayla and Samson are chewing on the same bone.... so they obviously tolerate each other well, too! But, for Addison, its all about Bay. They're in love. Seriously. I am so glad I decided to go ahead and get a dog while I was pregnant, despite everyone else's comments about it.. I'm not crazy. This is what I wanted... my lil girl to be able to love on a puppy that she basically grew up right beside her! Its a chore, I will tell you, two puppies... but its been wonderful. I would not change this at all. Not even for a minute!

Despite what Doug tells you, he loves Bayla, too. I shot this pic of them just the other night... Bayla thinks shes a person, and thats shes supposed to be right where you are.. and for the most part, we let her. But look how happy all 3 look!

This is Addison's new playmate! She comes twice a week. Who knew that all I had to do to entertain them is hand them a controller for the playstation, and the basket that holds all the leashes and extra collars. They were entertained here for over 30 minutes. I might as well have not been here for all that they cared! They are great friends already! Although they do not share well at all! They're learning though.. promise.

Oh the joys of swinging... Addison was invited to Reeser's 3rd bday the other day, and pushing her on a swing over there made me realize that I really need to put her swing up! Fred could have swung for hours! She honestly loved it........

Another shot of pure joy. We will seriously be working on our swing soon. Its got to go up before it gets too cool... not that I need to worry about that anytime soon! I mean, we live in Charleston, right? When is it ever cold here?

This is also from Reeser's birthday! Addison found this chair, and fell in love with it. This is something we will need to find before vacation. She loved it. She kept crawling in and out of it. She was pretty tuckered out from playing by this point....

Sitting in traffic... in the driveway. She couldn't push herself... but she found sitting in it to be a lot of fun. GO figure.

Alright folks.. hopefully you are all caught up now... we've been to birthday parties, met new friends, and played with the dogs. Yup- thats about it. But its been wonderful!

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