Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A lot of Catching Up

OK.. Ok.... ok...... I see the date of my last post. I do enthusiastically apologize. Please forgive us. The computer crashed. Big time. But thanks to Jack, it works fantastically! Thank you Jack!
Now... lets see.... we haven't done too many things.... just been busy... the usual day to day stuff. Addison is learning words, sentences, and songs at warp speed... constantly scaring us with her knowledge.

For example, the other day Doug and I went to the phone store, and after about five minutes of being in there, and seeing all the pretty phones on display... Addison walked up to one of the displays, and pretty clearly asked, "Can I have the phone please mommy?" We both stood there like idiots... counting the words in this question above... that's right, there are 7. 7 word question... posed to us by a not even 2 year old.

Another cute story.... we're (Addison and I) looking at the "But Not the Hippopotamus" book while I'm changing her diaper.... shes "reading" it to me. Short phrases.... hog.. frog... etc... cat (then makes the cat sound)...... and gets to the page where the book says "and the animal pack comes scurrying back saying hey come join the lot of us" and Addison yells- HEY COME BACK! It was pretty funny.

She's also into asking if you ____ too? "you want ice too?" and she always asks Lucas if he "wants snack too?!" (Lucas is the lil boy I watch...) and "more" "Do you want some more"

Another phrase that we hear a lot is "I break it"... which is usually quickly followed with "You fix it?" These words are sometimes, but not always preceded with an "oops".... as you well understand, hearing those words all together especially if shes in a room where you can't see someone... instills fear in the hearts of all parents... you quickly make sure your phone is in your pocket..... hoping its not the broken object.... and run as fast as you can to where she is...

I won't bore you much more, but our other favorite phrase here is " I stuck".... lots of things can be stuck... Addison was at Gram's house the other day trying to pull the cup out of the top part of the cooler... and it wasn't coming through it.... all you could hear was "STUCK!" or.... at Gigi's house the other day I was told she kept trying to crawl over the edge of the pool and would repeat "I stuck"... Obviously folks, we don't get out a whole lot..... these things entertain us and tickle our souls... what can I say?? Life is very very different after having children... and I wouldn't change a thing! Well, that's not exactly true.. but I love it.
What else have we been doing... hmmm... Addison is still quite the bossy one. She LOVES to play with the pups, and boss them around. I hear her yelling at Samson and Bayla to sit, back, get down, all the time... but later on.. when the bossing subsides.. I can find her snuggling with one of them. Or she will do a "walk by sweetening".... where she just pets them real gently, gives them a kiss, and moves on. Its sweet. She loves sliding, and playing in the pool, or sprinkler, and is very into "coloring on paper", her term, not mine. "Mommy color on paper please?" I hear this at least 10 times a day. It would be great if that was all she colored on though- I did make her clean up her own mess on the foyer wall the other day... Red Crayola and Navaho White on the walls don't mix well... nor does it come off well, oh well. Aside from this, our lil Fred is growing into quite the well rounded beast. She still says please and thank you, and blesses you when you sneeze... so what can I say? Oh... and holidays......

Easter here was wonderful.. very busy day.... but we had a great time. Early church... at our soon to be new church, and then we went to Azalea park for a few pics of the lil monkey.... then naps, Gigi's, Grams...... it was a long day.... full of good food, family, and Easter egg hunting.... Hope everyone had a great Easter... and really, I promise to try and get better with this....

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