Monday, June 30, 2008


Wow- I don't know how the folks did it before HE washers and dryers. The laundry just never ends! So, I'm sitting home today, washing, drying, and folding (which by the way doesn't usually happen all at once, but Miss Addison was gracing me with a lovely afternoon nap so I took advantage) and Ranger then decides that he wants to help. He promptly climbs into the laundry basket with my clean and newly folded towels and lays down and takes a nap. Nice, huh? Gotta love dogs.

But seriously- the laundry doesn't end. As soon as I get mine and Doug's done, we start all over again. Luckily, I can wash almost all of Addison's clothes at one time-they're so stinking tiny. And that leads me to another thing- where do the socks go? Does the washer eat them? The dryer? Bayla? Well- we know the answer to that, of course Bayla eats them. One at a time, so that when we're walking around the yard pooper scooping we find little surprises in her surprises. Lovely, huh?

If I could have one fabulously ridiculously lavishly decadent and insanely frivoulous treat- it would be to have someone do, put away, and iron the laundry. Forget everything else in the house, baseboards included (like I clean those anyways), just give me someone to do the laundry. When I win the lottery and am able to take baths in the cash that I will be able to keep on hand, I will get one.. Mark my words. One day I will have my laundry mistress.

Aside from that- everything at the Bell household is going splendidly. Addison is getting bigger and bigger.... around 22 inches, and almost 9 pounds. We'll have more exact information on that in about two weeks when she goes in for her dr's appt. She sleeps pretty great at night, not so much during the day, but I will be home ALL WEEK working on this daytime thing..... she and I have to come to some sort of agreement on a routine.. will keep you posted on this later. Daddy Doug is doing great with her, enjoying his "recliner" time with her in the evenings, when she's not being fussy- currently they are in their favorite sleeping spots right now in the recliner. TOO CUTE! Here are a few pics to enjoy.... Addison's bath- Ranger in the laundry basket- and not to fear- birth announcements will finally be coming out soon after I talk to Miss Deana at the PINK CROCODILE!~

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Christie said...

she's still a cutie! we need to get together soon.