Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Savannah Princess

Got brave and decided to take Addison, sans the hubby, to Tybee Island with some friends. Loaded up the car- took the stroller, pack n play, bouncey seat, wiggle worm gym (floor mat with overhanging toys), a few outfits too many, and tons of diapers. Got those in the car and picked up our friends Katie and Matt and their 3 dogs. Once everyone was loaded Addison graced us with a relatively quiet ride to Savannah until it was time to eat, and luckily for us that coincided with the gas station pit stop at Point South- so no problem there. Fed her- diapered her- and strapped her back in. Ten minutes later she was asleep again.

Katie's parents place has a pool- which Addison hated. Too cold I guess- but it didn't stop her from looking like a total princess in her little bathing suit that we got from a store called Miss Jenny's in Walterboro (you have to check it out, they have such cute things).... Took Addison to the beach on Sunday in a different bathing suit of course..... this one was from the Pink Crocodile.

People on budgets should not have little girls- there's definitely too many cute things out there to buy. Anyways- aside from the fact that Addison's night time sleep was completely messed up the whole time we were there, we had a great time, but missed hubby and dogs too much. Glad to be home......... even after the longest drive back from Savannah ever- tire blow out on the way back- now today I get to shop around for tire prices. Woohoo!

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Melissa said...

LOOK how big my girl is getting! WOW. I am so happy you had good girl time in Savannah.