Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Word From Addison

By Addison Lee:

5am. Woke up this morning. Lady with the milk got me out of the crib and fed me. She insists on talking to me in stupid baby talk. What an idiot. I showed her by pooping out the sides of my diaper. Man, I'm tired. I think I will go back to sleep.

7:30am. Wetness from my lower region woke me up. If I scream the milk lady will come get me again. If I play my cards right and put on the right pout, maybe she will give in to my cuteness ploy and let me stay in the bed with her. Life's horrible. I'm hungry, wet, and tired.

11am. Awake.
11:15 Asleep.

1:00 FOOD! Milk lady again. She rocks. Like my outfit? I want to rock but she keeps taking me out to run errands.... hateful woman

3:00 Food!!! Milk lady!!! I love her. :)


Melissa said...

Hey Milk Lady! I hope sweet Addison feels better soon-SHOTS HURT :(

Christie said...

Ok...this cracked me up "milk lady"! :-)