Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How Life Has Changed

As a self proclaimed serious fisherwoman, I was finally able to make the first trip out this past weekend and fish the Saltwater Classic here in Charleston. I made all the necessary arrangements in which to accomplish this large feat. I arranged for someone to come let Ranger out, for Bayla to go to my brother's house to play with her brother Jynx, and pumped for a week to have enough bottles for Mom to give to the little Monkey Addison with a fall back plan of formula if necessary.
I spent the night with my Mom the night before so that I could feed Addison one last time before heading out, and was able to feed her right before heading out at 4:30am.
Grabbed my bag, cooler, and oh yes, the breast pump. Times have changed. I used to grab the bag, cooler, and another case of beer, but I was prepared to pump while I was out on the water.
Once we got out on the water and had our lines rigged and in the water, I pumped for the first time while out there... no hitches. The guys gave me my privacy, (I'm the only girl on the boat) and everything went fine. However, the second pumping did not go as well. Lines were in, and the back rod bent down and the reel started screaming. Being the Lady Angler, my job is to reel in most of the fish, so, I quickly unattached myself from the pump and grabbed the rod feeling pretty proud of myself, until I looked over at one of the guys who was staring at me with a look of horror on his face- I looked down to discover my chest was spotted with breast milk. Nice. I wiped it off and kept on reeling. Just so you know- it wasn't worth the effort cause the fish was tiny.
Anyways- one beer inbetween pumps, 4 pumps later, back in the harbor, I had my husband drop me off after the weigh in so I could go see my Monkey who looked completely fine without me. Still debating whether or not I'm fishing the next trip... Fishing is definitely not the same as it used to be. Oh well. There's always next year.......
will upload pics later, problem with blogger uploads at the moment.


LeslieW. said...

Sad! Everything does change eventually, but kind of evolves. You will find different joys and soon be able to teach her how to fish too!

Christie said...

It had to be Carey that was in shock when you turned around!

Melissa said...

that is FUNNY Maegan! Christie called me last night & said I had to read your fish/breast story! hahaha