Friday, August 15, 2008

Amelia's Birthday!

Yesterday our dear friend Amelia turned 2! I can't believe how quickly time flies by, and how fast our little ones grow up. I am so NOT looking forward to this with my little monkey but I guess there's nothing I can do about it... short of locking her up in a time capsule and sticking her on a shelf. (Although she would be a lot less messy if I did that!)

Amelia's birthday was alot of fun. We had Dora cake, and hung out. Addison only slept for a total of about 30 minutes the entire day so I was worried about the major baby melt down that was sure to come- but she held off. Go ADDISON! She crashed at 9 without a sound, woke up at 11, and then slept until 4 when Daddy went to go fish his big tournament! GOOD LUCK DADDY!

Anyways... here's some pics from the party!

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