Monday, September 8, 2008

Shellrock Vacation

Oh how I love my dogs, and oh how I love vacationing without them. Got rid of the dogs last Thursday afternoon- shipped off to their respective kennels, and loaded up Mom's suburban with an inordinate amount of S@#$ to head off on our vacation. Doug, Addison and I AND my brother Parker and sister in law Cheryl pulled out of Summerville around 7pm. We had a pack n play, travel swing, bouncey seat, activity mats, baby pop up tents to protect her little skin on the beach, clothes, diapers, and God knows what else PLUS extra batteries of course. It was a packed car- all thanks to a small little monkey in the back seat.

Vacation was wonderful- Addison was a perfect angel (except for the first 30 minutes in the car on the way up there while she screamed bloody murder), everyone was so relaxed. We took Addison on the boat for the first time- and she loved it. First trip out she protested with two very mild "waas" and then fell asleep before her life jacket was even fully on because Uncle Charles cut on the motor. The next trip she lauged at every wave- good news folks- she's definitely ours! ;)

Here are a few pics of her out on the beach and on the boat! She loved it!!

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Christie said...

I love the one of her asleep in the lifejacket!