Sunday, October 12, 2008

Legare Farms Pumpkin Patch

Oh how fun.. braved the cruddy weather to try and embrace the whole "We have kids so lets go to the Pumpkin Patch" experience. Invited our new best buds, Will, Marcia and BEAUTIFUL Ellie to partake in this fall adventure with us. Both babies slept on the way to Johns Island so they were in pretty good moods by the time we got there. Not an ounce of sun the whole time we were there, but still we had a ball. There was a petting zoo area set up with donkeys, a baby cow, and no joke- fornicating goats (only a handful of us got to see that lovely little interlude- Thank God!) There was a hay ride that went around the farm and took us around to a spot where the cows all came up to the trailer and ate food out of our hands. I had no idea a cow's tongue was so long! GROSS! Ellie was very interested in the whole experience- Addison of course could not have cared less. After the hayride we went and picked out our pumpkins where the only true complaint of the day was that there were a ton of gnats once we got to the pumpkin picking part! I hate gnats. Aside from that- we picked out one pumpkin for the family and even a little one especially for the Monkey. Can't wait for next year!!

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roniellis said...

Hey Maegan,
Love your haircut and how do you get The Monkey to wear the sunglasses?
Happy Halloween