Monday, March 16, 2009


Off the edge of the earth I have fallen... I am so sorry to all of our "dedicated readers!" However, I have good news to report! Addison is (more or less) back to sleeping through the night. We went through a lil strike there, and after intense reading and research, I learned that babies often fall out of their sleeping habits right before they are about to reach a major milestone.... so.... ?crawling? perhaps? I know, it sounds crazy, but Addison, the 10 month old over here, refuses to crawl. She hates to be on her belly unless she is actively playing with something. She has the ability to crawl, I mean, all her leg and arm parts seem to work just fine... BUT..... she won't do it. Durned kid. And I am taking the advice of other moms and not complaining about it... when she starts crawling and moving on her own- my life will be turned upside down.... puppies and baby, all mobile, pulling things down, will result in a major major baby proofing of this house... or at least her room and the living room. It will seriously be hell on wheels in this house.

Other news to report... Addison is almost weaned... for the guys reading this- you might not want to read this part (and then again, you might be a perv and you might want to read it).... but we're down to nursing only in the morning, and then she "snack nurses" close to bedtime... Shes doing great- as long as she doesn't see any boobage..... no major tantrums have resulted..... but I will say- Jenna Jameson (rockstar pornstar) watch out! I feel and look like a porn star every morning when I wake up...... after hours and hours of not nursing.... OMG. Its insane. I have a happy husband. ;)

What else..... not much else to report... but here are some cute pics! Enjoy!

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