Saturday, March 28, 2009

Whats Been Going On...

Things have been extra crazy here folks.

I want to start by telling you how blessed I feel every day. I wake up with my wonderful husband (well, he wakes up and I open my eyes to see him and then go back to sleep), I have the most beautiful and wonderful little girl I could possibly hope for, and although there are some days that I say I would trade them, I have to awesome lil pups. I can not imagine things being different, and even have a hard time remembering life before.... before Doug, before dogs, before baby. I love my life.
Now onto the crazy part...... Doug is now officially unemployed after his entire branch shut down due to our wonderful and fabulous economy. He is looking, and looking, and has yet to find something, but we're confident that this door closed and another one will open soon. Something will happen, we know it. In the mean time, if anyone knows of anything, keep us posted! At least we still all have our health... we'll make it by for a lil while, but we definitely need something soon.

Now, onto the cutest lil girl I've ever seen..... Addison has been very busy lately. She officially has 2 teeth now, with 4 trying their best to pop through the top. Its gotten her a lil cranky, and given her an ear infection, but shes a trooper. Shes also had the oppurtunity to meet one set of the 3 sets of twin BOYS that we know who just entered into this world recently! Henry and Hudson. So cute. She loves them! She hung with her boyfriend Andrew recently, at the dog park of course, and has all in all been the best lil girl ever. Shes learning new things- clapping, "crazy face" (you'll have to see that one in person), and for the most part feeds herself. Shes definitely not my lil baby anymore. Here are a few pics to show you what she's been up to!


KATHY said...

Hey my friend! We have kept ya'll in prayer. Casey mentioned he had talked with Doug. Its bad times now but we will all make it through. Stay strong and put all your trust in Him. I just know a door will open soon. Would still love to see ya sometime....maybe a beach trip over spring break???
Again, we will keep you in prayer!

The Carters said...

Love the new photos!

Jen and Ricky said...

I love the picture of Addison holding her bowl. Look on her face is priceless.