Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter all! What a beautiful day! Addison woke up for Easter morning around 7:30 and got to open up her basket. The Easter bunny brought her a lil bunny, a quacking duck, and two fabulous books about a Dancing Duck and a Busy Bunny! She loved both books! The dogs loved the stuffed animals... as always, its a challenge separating Addison's toys from the dogs... but so far, they've not torn them up yet... they're content to just try and sneak them.

We went to church with Doug's Mom (Gigi!) and after church, Doug's side of the family came over for Easter lunch. Addison got two more Easter baskets, one from her Gigi and PopPop, and one from her Aunt Jen and Uncle Ricky. She was the perfect child all afternoon (of course)

After our house cleared out, we kenneled up the pups inside, and loaded up our car to head to my Mom's house. Of course, Addison got her 4th Easter basket of the day, and we ate again... then headed outside for the Easter egg hunt... although I'm not sure who won...

Everyone had a wonderful time, including Addison who only napped for 45 minutes the whole day and didn't fuss once! She's sooooo great... and looked so sweet in her Easter dress.

We got to say Good Bye to our Aunt Cheryl who is moving to Texas, and came on home.... the day couldn't have been any greater, and bed could not have been any more welcome.

I hope everyone had as wonderful an Easter as we did, and also that they remembered why we celebrate it. For me its about God's love, the blessings he gives us, and my family that means soo much to me. We are a very blessed family. God is good.

Here are some pics of Addison with her Gigi, and Addison with Doug and I. We will be taking more Easter pics soon... once the rain is gone...... so keep an eye out!

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