Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Azalea Park

Today was an absolutely gorgeous day, and it coincided with Baby and Mommy Playdates..... So, I packed up the monkey and headed off to Azalea Park to wait on Virginia and Andrew. We found a nice grassy spot, fully expecting there to be tons of other people out there enjoying the day, but hardly ran into a soul. We brought a picnic lunch and a few toys and while we waited, Addison and I had some great quality time without the dogs slobbering all over us. It was so quiet out there.

I brought Addison's Easter dress, and after we ate our lunch, I put her in it, and snapped about 60 or so pics.... they were great pics, too. Absolutely beautiful- she was fully cooperating, the day was pretty, her dress was clean, no food on her face, but oh- gee, cameras work way better when the memory card is installed! I had taken it out last week to print off a pic, and forgot to put it back in! What an idiot. It is the SECOND time I have done this at Azalea Park. Oh well... note to self, after the first pic, go back and look at it, if when you hit the play button you get a big message that says NO CARD, realize you're an idiot, and go back and get your card. Luckily, I had my other camera in the car, so, after Virginia and Andrew joined the picnic I went and grabbed it... decided to go ahead and take her out of the dress because the park was still a lil wet from all the rain we've had, but, I was still able to take some pics of her..... and of Andrew too!

Like I said, we had a fabulous day, and as always, had a great time with our friends. Its always nice to be outside, and even more fun to be able to share a great day with friends. I hope that a few of you were able to get out and enjoy it, too! And don't worry- I will get my Easter dress pics- thats a promise!

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