Sunday, April 19, 2009

Love, Addison

I am now 11 months old. I can do an amazing amount of fun new things, and surprise my Mommy and my Daddy every day by what I can do. I have 4 teeth, two on top, and two on bottom, with another two coming in soon. I have been chewing on my thumb a lot lately, but only because my gums hurt. I am not a thumb sucker.

I eat grown up people food as much as I can, although things with tomatos in it seeem to bother my tummy- so, Mommy doesn't feed me spaghetti or lasagna... I have had tons of veggies, fruits, and meat, and I love fish (although its not really on the approved list!) I love baby carrots, and cantaloupe the best. Mommy cuts it up for me and I eat all by myself.
I can say, Mommma, Dadda, Baby, Bad (we told her Bayla was bad once!), buh bye, hi, and a version of "thank you" and "all done". I can wave, clap my hands, and now I can sort of do the "roll it up" part of PattyCake. I am not really interested in crawling, although I can now, finally, scoot around by using my arms, and kicking one leg to make me go. I go sideways a lot. What I really like to do is walk. Hold my hands and I will take you just about anywhere. I can also stand on my own some.... until I notice I'm doing it.
I like to be outside, just like my Mommy and Daddy. We go outside to play with Bayla and Sam-bo, and I like to laugh when the dogs catch the ball and come running back to us. I also love bubbles... they're hilarious. Especially when Bayla jumps up to catch them.

It bothers my great grandmother a tremendous amount, but I do not like to wear my shoes or my socks, and I rarely keep a bow in my hair. Mommy may put them on me, but before we get where we're going, I promise to have them off. I love to give big wet kisses, and talk all day long, even if Mommy and Daddy have no idea what I'm saying. And I love my LoveBunny. It sleeps with me, and goes in the car with us everywhere. Its ears are soft, and I like to rub them on my face.
I really am sweet, and Mommy says I'm good most of the time...... Here are some pics Mommy took of me in the park.


Jen and Ricky said...

Love them!! I know who I'm going to call when it's time for family pictures :)

Laura said...

Love the bunny ears!!!!