Monday, April 27, 2009

Dirty Sunday

Dirty Sunday used to have a whole other meaning..... some family friends used to have Dirty Sunday out in Swansboro, NC. Dirty Sunday was basically any nice Sunday that you got to take the boat out... but the part that made it "dirty" was the lemonade. Dirty Lemonade to be exact. Strawberry Lemonade mixed with vodka in a big ol orange Gatorade cooler. You grabbed a "to go" cup and sat on the beach all day drinking your dirty lemonade, eating whatever grub you brought, and then when the sun started going down, or you were burnt enough, you headed on home.
NOW..... Dirty Sunday is my child sitting on a sandbar playing in the dirt on any given Sunday that we can take the dirty lil john boat out. Today was really the first time Addison had ever played in the dirt, and I must say, she never missed a beat. It was as if shes been playing in the dirt her whole life. She sat in it, picked it up, and threw it, and patted it, and even tasted it. She had it between her toes and fingers, in her bathing suit, in her hair, and all over her face. Coincidentally, that means I had it everywhere, too. She made new dog friends, ate fruit and some chips, drank her juice, walked around (assisted still), and even played in the water a little... but it was still a lil cold... so we didn't keep her in it for long.
She seemed to have a great time, and sacked out on the boat ride home. Dirty Sunday might now be my favorite day of the week. I hope to have another one next week- but I think I will remember to put sunscreen on MY legs next time, not just my childs. She only got browner, and I simply fried. But it was fun..... and that was worth it.

Hope everyone else has as great a weekend as we did! Here are some more pics of the monkey!

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Jen and Ricky said...

Looks like she had a good time!