Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beginning to Update

No explanation for the lack of blogging people.. a friend of mine recently told me that I had to quit apologizing everytime I sign in to update a new post here, and I think she's right. Suffice it to say that, as usual, I have been uberbusy.... I know some of you think that I sit at home, snuggle with my daughter all day, go on long lovely walks with my oh so well trained dogs, enjoy quiet time while my child naps, read books, watch movies, have ample "Creative time" in which I can sew if I choose, or simply paint my toe nails.... or maybe you think that I have a maid who comes in, cleans up, cooks, walks my dogs for me, or that I have plenty of alone time due to a nanny or grandparent watching Addison on a regular basis..... but please, allow me to set the facts straight for you... I would hate for you to not fully understand our days.

This is my usual Monday. Lil man gets dropped off here at 6:45. Some mornings, he will take a bottle and go immediately back to sleep, some mornings not. In the event that the morning nap does not occur immediately after bottle, I am hit with the official notion that I will have no time to myself, and aside from washing my face, brushing my teeth, and hopefully either brushing my hair, or putting on a hat, I am ready to start the day. Addison will wake up around 7:00- 7:30..... She finds lil Man awake and is the happiest lil girl ever.

Breakfast. Let Bayla out. Let Bayla in. Walk Samson out on leash because the wild beast has decided that the invisible fence is just not enough to keep him locked in our yard. Freedom is much more exciting. Have arm almost pulled out of socket as he lunges to play with Bayla. All done with one child navigating the field mine of poop in our yard (of course she will not wear shoes around our house unless they are her lady bug boots no matter how many times she has stepped in poop or come close to stepping in poop) and lil man velcroed to my hip. Picture, Momma Monkey, with lil monkey clutching on for dear life to Momma's hair while she navigates the trees in the jungle.... this is much what lil man and I look like... he holds onto my shirt with tight fists, luckily he is not jonesing to be set down because this whole walking scenario would become infinitely worse. Addison plays in dogs' water bucket...... looks for hogs (also known to most people as frogs), tries to cause chaos in general, demands to hold Samson's leash on her own (only occassionaly does this happen) and then we finally make it back inside.

Once inside snacks are promptly demanded by Addison. We have a child proof knob on the outside of our pantry now. All food must be kept far and away from my child or she will just pick and choose her own snacks and nosh away until she looks like a lil pot bellied pig. At this point, I realize that I am wet, have not set lil man down yet, and there has been a pooplosion resulting in a mudslide down his leg onto my shirt. Joy. Addison is now trying to pull open refridgerator door.... Lil man is plopped in sink bath, while I strip my top shirt layer off and remove poop from the two of us. Bayla wants out.... of course in the middle of all this. It is now, oh, lets see..... 8:00am. Multiply this in vicious cycles about 10 times, throw in some occasional dog vomit, full fledged meals, potty training, random knocks at the door that throw dogs into vicious fits of barking (their barks are definitely bigger than their bites) and add to all of this, a very mild attempt to keep some chaos amongst the toys, puzzles, and other child parafernalia, phones ringing off the hook, and the attempt to have dinner on table within 30 minutes of husbands arrival from work..... and its a crazy day. Lil man leaves around 5:30.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are the same, but add 2 other children to the mix, with different drop off and pick up times, and remember that the dogs, although very sweet and gentle with the babies, do not like people at the door, so, everytime someone is picked up or dropped off I have to let them out somewhere... garage.. back porch... courtyard... what have you...... Wednesday is supposed to be my day with just Addison and I.... and Friday is the same.... but sometimes we have another child with us, and of course, one of these days is dedicated to the errand running that can not occur when I have 4 small children under the age of 3 at my house. Like I said. I am crazy during the week.

The plus side to all of this? you may ask... is that I get to stay home with my sweet lil monkey... who has remained very healthy over the past 2 years, with only a few trips to the doctor that have not been a routine check up. The down side? Honestly... I dont see one..... I am happy. Even with all the chaos, and some days are worse than others, I'm happy. I could use help getting more organized. I wish someone would just come in here, take over my house and put things where they should be put, and then allow me to try and maintain that... as it is... our house is always a wreck... but we have changed our study into a full fledged playroom and I think it will help, onces its officially baby proofed and up and running. We need a tv in there, and when a few more items sell on craigs list.... a tv will be purchased..... allowing us to free up the rest of the house from baby toy tornados.

Now, before I put my foot in my mouth, Addison does spend time with her grandparents....... Gigi and Poppy (Doug's parents) are now home more than they used to, so, they try to split up their free time by having some fun with Addison and her cousin Sophie at seperate times.... and Gram (my Mom) gets her from time to time as well. Honestly folks, I plain like having monkey around.... so I don't ship her off too often. Especially since most of the week is occupied by me having to split up my time with her and up to 3 other children. So.... I usually keep her around. I will update a few pics............. and will try and get back on the blogging lifestyle again soon! We miss you guys... and miss updating you guys on things that are going on...... but...... family life is busy...... and when you sit down at night, sometimes you just want to sit.... no thinking involved. We are back, and up and running again..... changing some of our layout and design.... so expect many more changes here in the upcoming future! XOXO!

The Bells


The Carters said...

so glad you're still alive and well :) We have to catch up soon! Can't believe how A is such a little girl now - no toddler look :(

Keep on keeping on!

Chrissy Catoe said...

Love reading your blog - if nothing else do it for me! :) Miss ya and glad to hear your crazy busy life is perfect.

Chrissy Catoe