Sunday, October 31, 2010

"It's a Crying Shame"

Addison the Bubble Crazed Girl

Mommy and Daughter Mermaids

Addison and Ellie at the Beach

Monkey at Kiawah.... buying a beach pass was the best idea ever!

Addison and Ladybug Boots in the Maze at the Pumpkin Patch

So, I'm sitting at the breakfast table with Addison the other morning, eating a well balanced breakfast that I slaved over all morning long (read I made her instant oatmeal), while we are admiring her recently painted fingernails, Addison notices one nail is severely scratched and needs to be painted again, she looks at me and as plain as day says "Its a crying shame." I stop eating my afore mentioned homemade breakfast, and looked at her and burst out laughing. I laughed so hard that I was literally in tears. This is not a phrase that I use, or anyone I know uses, so you can imagine how funny it was to hear coming from the monkey's mouth. It is now my favorite phrase. If you hear me use it, I'm only sort of making fun at whatever is supposedly a "crying shame", but really I'm just smiling inside at how funny I think Fred really is. The things that come from her mouth totally crack me up.

On a completely seperate occassion, we allowed the monkey to sleep with us, (or attack us while we tried to sleep) while we were painting her room. On the first night, snuggled in between Doug and I, she looks up and declares that she is "so happy to be here". We both looked at her with this serious look on her face... and had to laugh. The monkey probably does not understand why we are always laughing at her... these are comments that I am going to have to record.... Perhaps in a greeting card or something... so that I can play them many moons later and smile and laugh. Its pretty funny to have a 2 year old tell you how excited she is to be somewhere... especially when you're lying in bed with her thinking the same thing (or perhaps not quite the same thing) about her. ;)

So... massive updating. I think most of you already know this, but, yes, we are cooking up another little biscuit as we speak. I am 11 weeks or so, finally feeling like a normal human being again (read, thankful to not be puking my brains out from morning till night only to do itall over again the next day)... and am getting some energy back... which is fantastic... being that there is a very very busy (read sneaky) lil one running amuck in this house. Being pregnant when there is already a lil one is very different. I don't get to lay down whenever I want.... if I do puke, monkey tags along half the time, telling me not to spit it out.... I still have to cook and clean and perform all duties that I would normally perform...whether I feel great or not.... and last but not least....... I have no place to channel my pregnant impatience.... cant yell at other drivers like I did when I was pregnant with Addison... there are 4 letter words that she just doesnt need to learn yet... and I'm not talking about "cake" or "bake"... I am struggling with the impatience part the most right now. I'm trying to still be a nice mom.. but as Addison is learning to follow (or not follow) directions.. sometimes I want to scream. Thats normally when we go outside.... she slides and I sit for a minute or two in the sun... trying to not go insane.

Yes. In response to approximately 589 requests... we are going to find out what the sex of the baby will be... I think it will help Addison prepare for the arrival of her baby brother or sister (she has requested sister by the way)... Also... I am nesting already... and I just don't think I can wait this time... Having Addison be a surprise till the end was great, but I feel the need to be more prepared myself this time... and with the due date and Addison's birthday so close... May 10th for Addison, and May 26th for the new Biscuit.... I just gotta know. And.. we may (or may not) tell you. We'll let you know. ;) Addison is very excited.. and so are we.... Its hard to think that this time next year... we'll be a family of 4 with 2 crazy dogs. Wow. Just need the picket fence.
Speaking of picket fences... so.... according to the lovely HOA of our hood... we can not put a fence up around our property that would really make any kind of sense... so when we had dear sweet Ranger boy, and Bayla we decided to put up the invisible fence. Then... Ranger fell ill.... passed away... and we got Samson- the bull. 105 or so pounds of 2 year old yellow lab. Invisible fences do not deter him any longer. If he wants... hes gone. So we are back to walking him with a leash. So unfun. I now have a new and very serious desire to fix this..... its been almost a year of this now. I'm thinking raised hedges along the sides of the yard (with very sneakily concealed fencing inside the hedge), and in the back... in the woods... putting up some sort of perimeter... whether its posts with some rope... somewhat aesthetically pleasing.. or chicken wire (I do think this can be done and not look bad)... we also need to work on some walkways.... with pavers.. brick... gravel... not sure yet.... I have big plans folks. And I'm a horrible gardner and outdoor maintenace kind of person... so wish me luck. Any suggestions?! I'm open to them all. By the way.. don't tell the HOA!

Well.. I have talked enough. Perhaps the post should have been titled... hang on tight... pregnant babbling ahead.... so...... here are some very late pics............

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