Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Little Bit of Randomness

Half of a Crazy Face............

Enjoying some fresh picked strawberries!

Yesterday and today have not been fun days... Addison, it would appear, is cutting teeth. All the tell tale signs are there, including the melt down that occurs every 23 minutes or so for no truly valid reason. I am exhausted. Last night she and I were up at least 5 times while Doug was sleeping soundly in his hotel room in Savannah awaiting his "wake up call" in the morning that NEVER came. He left for Savannah on Wednesday morning, had training for the new job all day, and got back Thursday afternoon... in time to catch both Addison and I hardcore napping.

I am exhausted..... although, it is 1:30 in the morning, I haven't made it to bed yet... A- as you other mothers know when your lil one is feeling poorly, you tend to lay awake almost waiting on them to wake up just one more time before you get yourself settled down to bed, and B- I have a thousand things to do in my house... I am actually sitting here with my big ol fat Sambo literally lying on my feet, two folded stacks of laundry beside me, one in the dryer, one in the washer, and a half clean kitchen behind me. I have decided that I can convince myself that the kitchen is clean, as long as I don't turn around. ;)

So, you might ask, what am I doing on the computer..... I am playing online... I have recently decided that I want to be crafty... I would love to be able to sew a few clothing items for Addison, make a bag or two, or whatever. I recently sewed a valance for Addison's bathroom makeover.... nothing fancy.... and I like it, but I am not overly detailed oriented when it comes to such things.... but I am still trying. Being that I stay at home, I feel that at some point during the day, I should be able to do something crafty.... however, it has yet to happen. I have been checking out blogs tonight, and am inspired, and at the same time, I am in complete shock how women with 2 and 3 children are able to sew entire dresses during nap time, bake 4 dozen cookies for a classroom party, make entire dinners from scratch, and still make time for everything else in their lives.. ;) It's crazy insane to me. I feel proud when I'm showered, Addison has no food on her face, and both dogs have been fed and had a ball tossed to them 2 or 3 times, and something has been cooked for dinner (I'm more of semi-homemade kind of girl..) Some things do not need to be homemade, and some items just do.

Anyhow........ these are my thoughts this evening........... nothing overly exciting to report... will add a pic or two, and then perhaps, since Addison has yet to wake, I might as well try and get on to bed.... Happy Friday!

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The Carters said...

I bet those women that say they cook, clean, sew and still have time to play with their kids - really have a maid/nanny/cook hidden in the basement :)

i think you're awesome just as you are!